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Monday, August 19, 2013

Cover Release

Heart of the Storm


As promised, here's my latest cover for a short story that will initially be released on its own, and then be incorporated into the 'For the Love of the Gods' anthology by Ishtar Press.
I really do love this cover because, as you will see when you read the story, it really encapsulates the mood of what this tale is all about.
Please enjoy - more details to follow soon :)

Love has eluded James Foster for many years. But that’s not surprising, for his work as a marine geologist regularly takes him around the world. A highly principled man, he is passionate for the truth and for the environment, but such endeavors leave little time for a private life.

After blowing the whistle on his former employer’s outrageous work practices, which would have endangered the staff and the ecosystem they were operating in, James finds himself without a job and with his reputation in tatters. Forced into isolation, he is hounded by his former employer and the press....

His passion for what is right draws the attention of a mysterious woman. Someone—it appears—with her own agenda!

Will she help him survive the coming storm or ensure he goes under?

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