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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Learning From Your Peers

Now we're into 2013, I thought it would be a great time to start paying even more attention to what's happening in the lives of my fellow authors at Pagan Writers Press.
A lot has happened over the past year - as you know.
I received the first of several contracts - got published - met some great people...
And realized I'd only just begun to scratch the surface!
For those of you who are still aspiring authors - or fresh on the market - as I am...
Wow! There's still so much to learn!
Did you do enough homework as your book was coming out?
Was your pre-sales advertising aimed at the right market?
Did you target the right followers?
What incentive did you give prospective followers to begin reading your work...And then actually stay with you?
How did you get people to 'spread the word'?
You see, the harsh reality matter how good your work or concept is...unless you get some of the basic things right, how will people actually find out YOU and your work?
Looking back, I can see where I made mistakes.
Hey...I'm new!
Yes, I've had a lot of experiences in life. We all have in different ways.
But, in the publishing world, I'm still learning to toddle along.
I looked at the examples set by my fellow authors and I can see where I need to improve!
So - what adjustments am I making in 2013?
1. I'm adjusting my core target audience.
In hindsight, I can see where/how I didn't get my 'core followers' quite right for 2012. So, I've started to restructure my twitters, blogs, releases etc. (The results have - already - been very encouraging). Seeing the early response - I'm keen to see where it leads.
2. Advertising.
You have to be very selective as to who/where you advertise. Costs/time/availability all come into it.
But Remember - one or two positive outlets are far better than a whole load of adverts elsewhere that won't reach the right audience.
So this year - I'm being very selective! Both for the forthcoming Cambion release, AND for the next book in the Guardian Series. (I'd love to tell you now...ha ha! But you'll have to wait and see).
3. I'll improve the personal touch.
Sometimes, 'being there' counts for so much! For me, that's quite difficult. I live on a small island and am quite cut off. However, even here on KOS, I noticed that when I got out there...(Holding book release/signing venues/radio interviews/personal appearance's at bookshops etc) - it had a huge impact.
So - I'm expanding! I have at least one very public event lined up in the UK with one of the charities I support over a three day period...(More on that another time), and...I'm starting to hunt for a sutable venue over in the US!
If the UK event goes well, I shall ensure to do something way across the water...(And keep you posted of course) !
4. look after your fans!
You'll soon start to notice who your followers are. Look after them. This year I hope to start including some of them within my blog as to how they enjoy some of the prizes/events we hold etc...and ensure to include their reviews more too!
5. Learn more from my fellow/more experienced authors. 
Pagan Writers Press has some great authors. I keep abreast of what's happening in their lives, and obviously, how well they're doing. Of course, by keeping in touch, I begin to notice what they do when new releases are coming up. What they do after release. How they maintain that interest and generate new readers. And I LEARN from it. I think that...this year...I shall do that even more closely.
Staying loyal to your friends is important. Learning from them is fun. You never know when you might need their support in the future and what beneficial effects that might have in the longrun.
So - there's a busy year ahead.
Hard work is involved.
Will it be worth it?
Stay tuned - and I'll let you know :)

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