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Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Competition Time!

Hi everyone,
If you remember – I said I’d be holding a special little competition between now & August 30th.
The competition is simple and easy to enter.
Like most organizations, the Guardians have a motto that exemplifies what they do.
For example – the Police Service – Protect /Serve. The Fire Service – Whatever it Takes.

Now take a good look at the emblem below.

The Guardians also have a motto that describes what they do to a tee. It is comprised of three words in a specific order.

Imagine for a moment YOU are part of the Guardians. Can you guess/discover what your motto would be?
The first entrant to guess it exactly (or come closest) – and to enter that answer onto the blog will win a signed copy of the print version of Guardian Angels.
The next closest entrant will win an e-copy.

results will be announced on August 31st - Release day

(P.S. It's easier than you think.)
Thank you for taking part – enjoy!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. The very first answer by Quinn McKenna was excellent.
    It has been removed solely because it was sooo good - it would spoil it for the rest of you. (Someone did their homework)
    Will the rest follow suit?
    Quinn...thank you for your reply.
    Results will be announced on 31st!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Well done to Lacey! (see - I told you the answer was out there!) A bit of digging might reveal ALL. ha ha.
    As with Quinn - I removed your answer so it doesn't give the game away!
    Thanks for taking part - I shall message you privately!

  5. Announcement!
    Today the competition ended.
    There were a total of nearly 100 entries...mostly on FB / messages. Thankfully, two remembered to add their answers to the blog.
    I'm gald to say, the winner of the signed copy of Guardian Angels is Quinn McKenna, who found the answer very quickly by doing a little digging around my sites.
    The winner of the e-book version is Lacey Wolfe - who also did the same.
    Well done, and thank you for making my little competition a success.