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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thank You

Just a post to say "Thank You" to:

Marissa at Sizzling PR

For the recent book tour promotion of Fairy Tail.
It was great fun completing the interviews and - amongst other things - it has broadened my list of new friends.
Some even completed reviews on the story which were very encouraging to a "first timer" like myself.

Thank you too to Angie, at Ruby Lioness Press

For managing to arrange the KDP select dates during the actual promo.
It resulted in quite a number of hits on both my site and blog which have helped raise my profile ahead of the release of "Guardian Angels", my first major work - and what I hope will be a successful series.

I musn't forget an extra special "thank you" to Lacy Wolfe - my editor for "Fairy Tail" - who made it a little gem to read.

This happy bunny is now going to frolic in the sun... Have a great day everyone.

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