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Monday, April 9, 2012

Actually Getting It Down on Paper (Or Computer)

This will be a short entry because I can't really tell you what to do. I can only relate what I did, and I started to put things down only after acknowledging my strengths and admitting my weaknesses!

Sounds strange I know - BUT - unless you do that yourself, you might end up being your own worst enemy. Why? Well, like I said, I'll use my own personal example.
I'm a very focused and determined individual. Some might look on that as a "positive", especially when it comes to writings books. However, I also had to combat my impatience and when you're a motivated individual like me, you have to be careful.
In the past, if I had something that needed doing - believe me - it gone done! I'd start on whatever it was and keep going and going until I'd overcome all obstacles and it was finished. Even if I was exhausted at the end of it.

You can't do that if you're writing a book. The quality will suffer and all your preperation will go to waste. So, what did I do?
I channeled that focus and determination into finding the right routine for me.
I accepted the fact I can be impatient and that motivated me to adopt a working practice that made me think I was busy all the time. And THAT really helped the quality of my work.

Me? First thing in the morning I like to look through the public and social sites. See who's doing what and where. What's current? What trends are developing? How will that affect future projects.

I take a break, train, shower, have breakfast etc, and by 9.00am I'm sat down ready to write And I DO write, using my pre-prepared guide notes and research as a blueprint. Don't get me wrong, the story evolves in its own way too, but I'm free between the hours of 9.00am - 1 or 2.00pm every day to write and make my creation grow.
I obviously take breaks during that time, as if you allow yourself to get tired, your story will reflect your jaded and worn out frame of mind. When I take those breaks, I make sure I get away from the screen. It's good to refresh the mind.
After 2.00pm I make a point of doing something entirely different, my Greek Language or Dancing Lessons, sports, reading a book, drawing, watch TV - whatever. So long as it's different.
Then, during the early evening, from about 4 - 6 or later evening 7 - 9 (dependent on my other lessons/passtimes etc) I take another look at my socual/public sites and do some research.
Usually, it's in preparation for what I'm going to be writing the next day. Sometimes, I check up or add depth to what I've already written.
Remember - when you add depth and substance - it reflects throughout your manuscript. I find this quite refreshing - not like work at all - but still limit myself to a couple of hours at the most.
Sometimes, I research and prepare new projects! (Wait and see - I've got some absolute gems coming your way).

Now - some of you wouldn't touch this routine with a big stick. Others might relate to it. but that's the point. It isn't YOUR routine, it's mine! It works for me and keeps me raring to go and itching to write.
And THAT'S the hunger you want to experience. THAT's how you make you writing concept exciting and build your idea into a book people will want to read.

Next time - I finished writing my manuscript. What did I do as I neared the end? What did I do next?

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