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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Cambion Journals - Rage of Augustus

Hi everyone!
Just to let you know - all the links now appear to be live for both paperback and eBook versions of my new release.
If you enjoy fast paced paranormal adventures, full of evil mischief and dire machinations, elemental confrontations and plot twists, this will hopefully be right up your street.
Here are a few links...
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Just remember...
Stay out of the shadows

The hunt has begun...
I waited in the shadows. I was very, very good at that. I had to be considering the prey I was hunting. He was old, he was powerful, and his appetites gave him strength way beyond any other foe I’d ever had to face.
It had taken me decades to get close to him and months to track him to North America, because up until now, he'd been nomadic. The world was his garden—or his dining room, dependent on your view—and he’d always been cautious and restrained in his choice of delicacies. But at last he’d slipped up!
I’d been scouting the internet and scanning coroner’s reports as usual when I noticed a pattern developing here in Los Angeles. Over a period of six weeks, five apparently healthy young women had simply wasted away and died. Three were married, one was in a steady same-sex relationship, and the other was single. Further digging had revealed all were extremely popular, active, and good-looking.
As you know, Los Angeles is a big city. Just scratching the surface a little will reveal all sorts of sordid goings-on and shady dealings that would make your hair curl. So why would these particular deaths stand out?
I specialize in a very particular method of death. When usually vigorous, energetic people simply fade away and die for no reason, it gets my attention. That by itself would have been enough to warrant a visit. But what kept my interest in these cases were the descriptions of the young women involved.
All ranged from their early twenties to mid-thirties and every single one of them was blonde and extremely attractive. And that was what made me get on a plane and travel thousands of miles across the Atlantic within hours of reading the reports, because only one scum-bag I knew of ever restricted his victims to such a narrow profile. Fanon!
As I mentioned, he was getting old now, and they were just his type. For him to select so many similar victims in such a confined area and in such a short period of time was either a huge mistake or it indicated an arrogance that surprised me. I didn’t really care which; I’d wanted to take him for over two hundred years. And can you blame me? 
It was because of him I existed. It was because of him I was a monster, a menace to society, cursed with a hunger I could barely control.
Yes, I am what I am because of my accursed father.
I didn’t care how long I had to wait. Soon he’d arrive, and when he did, I’d make sure he paid in full for what he’d done to my mother.

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