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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Cambion Journals - Rage of Augustus

Cover/Giveaway Reveal

Hi everyone.
Well, what do you think of this?
Here's the cover for the first book of the Cambion Journals trilogy, which as you know, is due out in June.
Once again, many thanks to Christie Choida Gucker for her help in making it look so good that it's guaranteed to grab your attention.
(And of course, to Rosa Sophia, who made what's on the inside an absolute treat too!)
I've got to say, I'm really pleased with the concept we've managed to come up with.
It sets the mood for what the story is all about, and as you'll see, it continues throughout the entire series.
But you'll have to wait for that! ha ha!
For now, think ahead.
This is an idea of the proposed giveaway that will launch the book/series...
As you can see, it will incorporate the mood of the Cambion Journals, and includes tote bags, mouse mats, pendants, AND, a specific item unique to each book.
As the story progresses, you will discover that Augustus has to collect three ancient relics to help him complete his quest. This first giveaway includes the Gaea Amulet.
See if you can guess which one it is.
More information will be released as we draw closer to the date.
Until then,
Take care...but watch out for the shadows...

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